Allow me to share my story about how Smart Boost System works.

By the way, I am Bernadette Jones. My story will talk about my crowdfunding success I got from this most trusted crowdfunding platform. By enrolling into this system, my project easily got funded on Indiegogo. I experienced this; that’s why I am sharing here my own story.

Let me tell you everything first about what I know of this system.

SmartBoostSystem works with Indiegogo platform as a helping hand for the crowdfunding campaigns on Indiegogo to materialize. It has a patent pending algorithm that works to improve and enhance projects going to the peak level. It helps campaign pages rank on the top pages. I used it because my own crowdfunding campaign page got stuck before. It did not go up to the top pages until I picked this platform to help me. The real thing is that my project campaign got a dramatic boost. I enjoyed an increased number of crowdfunding audiences that led to more funds coming from the real backers. It’s not a hoax; my project was legitimately boosted.

This crowdfunding platform helped me get my project funded. I was able to achieve my little but hard-to-achieve dream. I considered my dream of helping a few kids in Ghana “hard to achieve” because I didn’t have enough money to do it. It’s my dream to help them have a formal education but I am not rich to realize it. So I chose crowdfunding as my way to do it. It’s a creative idea of mine that led me to the appreciation of the tested Smart Boost System. The realization of my educational project for those kids came to reality. It’s a different feeling after I trusted this platform.

The system of Smart Boost System was proven to boost my crowdfunding project on Indiegogo. The main goal of this system was able to help me reach a milestone. My campaign was ranking on the top Indiegogo pages.

Since 2009, it has been able to help many people with different crowdfunding campaigns. As to my own experience, I was able to raise $30,000 in 10 days for my dream project.

The Man Behind

It was developed by Milton Craig, an Indiegogo user. It has a tested 10-day boost plan that works for your crowdfunding project on Indiegogo. The intention of the founder is to increase your project exposure. Through increasing your exposure, Craig believes that your campaign will easily get funded.

How did I get started?

I signed up. Then, a personal confirmation from Milton Craig was sent to me. Such confirmation told me that I was one of those who availed of his well-planned and proven Smart Boost System ™ program – the 10-Day Boost Plan.

How did the Smart Boost System ™ work for me?

After I signed up, this platform worked for me. After the first 24 hours, I saw initial dramatic results. Page visitors had been increasing from time to time. The next exciting stage was after 72 hours. More visits were listed down in my analytics. Then backers started to fund my little dream of helping some poor kids in Ghana. The 10-day program did really work. It happened through an intensified campaign on social media. My gogo factor was boosted. My page went to the top pages on Indiegogo and the right people had seen my drive and campaign.


What did happen after 10 days?

In a span of 10 days, as indicated in the plan, my project was fully boosted on Indiegogo platform. I was able to raise funds because many qualified backers were able to see my campaign. On the 11th day, the boosting process for my project by Smart Boost System ended. But you know what? My campaign for the young ones was achieved. This is why I am confirming that SmartBoostSystem is true to its promise that about 99% of Indiegogo projects only require a period of 10 days to boost the campaign page. By doing so, the right people will be tapped as the campaign page will hit the top pages on Indiegogo.

Wait! There’s more with Smart Boost System. If you need more boosting strategies and approaches, Milton will personally determine the further needs of your project. There’s an option to have Milton’s 30-day support plan. It’s included as FREE in the bonus plan after you sign up. Meaning, you can have 20 more days as extra support from Milton’s team.

Smart Boost System™ is safe.

Yes, it is. There’s no doubt as I personally experienced its proven and tested system. The boosting services truly worked for me. So why won’t it work for you? For your information, Indiegogo supports Smart Boost System’s platform until today.

How much did I spend for this system?


To join the amazing system of SmartBoostSystem, Milton and his team have a low flat joining cost but it runs only for a limited time. I grabbed the opportunity because the costing promotion would not last longer. So join now as you can get the same results by just registering into the system with a minimal fee.

Is it really the BEST?

So far, all I can say is YES. It’s the best crowdfunding platform for your Indiegogo campaign to be realized. Because I did it right, just follow my steps. Keep in your mind that this is the best channel to get your Indiegogo project funded. It works to hit the right and relevant Indiegogo audiences. The crowdfunders with the same interest as yours will be tapped. Your project campaign will be boosted in no time. Your “gogo factor” will be enhanced. The expertise of Smart Boost System is tested through the years. This is the best platform that can bring your campaign to the top pages.

This platform has been working with all forms of Indiegogo projects. If you have a project in relation to tech, design, art, fashion, education, communities, and non-profit crowdfunding campaigns, this system is the best. It helps increase your page exposure. The intended funding will come in just 10 days.

Join here today!

Thank you for allowing me to share my crowdfunding experience with Smart Boost System.


Bernadette J.